One Of My Favorite Herbs Called Mugwort

One Of My Favorite Herbs Called Mugwort

Yes, this is one herb you definite keep around the house. 

If you trying to increase your psychic abilities with divination, astral project or soul travel then this what you can use with your rituals...  

There are many benefits of mugwort due to my research. 

I believe that there is alot herbs have some of the same properties and are similar.  

Some of those things this herb can help with is...

  • Sleep  
  • Weight Loss
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Healing 
  • Digestion

I did a livestream last sunday like on my top 3 magickal herbs. 

You can watch the main live replay on periscope because I also shared on other platforms as well like Instagram and facebook...  

Now if i was to pick one herb that i liked the most then it would be Mugwort...  

It has been around since the beginning of my spiritual awakening and not sure if I will ever stop using it to enhance my abilities on my journey...

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