Get walk through guidance on how to deal with your unique spiritual awakening. Get mapped out tools, strategies and rituals for psychic , magick, everyday life as to grow expotientally. He always over delivers... 

Here are the different packages:

  • 7 Day Coaching $297.00 (Private Silver Clients)
  • 60 Day Coaching $20,000 (Private Gold Clients)
  • 1 Year Coaching $80,000 (Private Platinum Clients)


Highly expericenced with over 7 years of tarot professional readings. You get the most accurate answers to all your problems. He also uses runes,black obsidian mirrors, crystal balls,oujia boards just to name few. Most of the time its he's extra sensory perception...

Here is the breakdown...

1 Hour $333.33

2 Hours $666.66

3 Hours $1111.11

4 Hours or more $2222.22/5hr mark the rate doubles to $4k per hour  


Arnound is an expert at online marketing and works with people to create personal brands in various spiritual niches. He helps run social media campaigns for different types of entrepreneurs all over the world. He builds result driven marketing plans and custom lead generation funnels to scale any business...

Social Media & All Marketing Campaigns 

$3000 Monthly  


Theres a reason why they call him "The Enlightened Networker". Arnound can help you make money with online marketing and also help you start your own business. He is involved with numerous opportunites that you may be interested in that he doesn't really promote to the public. The importance of being Wealth Conscious is very importance because he believes its a part of being spiritual...  

Take Your Life To Next Level Right Now

My services are designed to amplify everything you do spiritually,mentally and abundantly... They are unique, therefore not niche specific...